Premium Plus Cottage Valley Facing

E.P(Room Only): ₹9000 + Taxes / Night
C.P(Breakfast): ₹9800 + Taxes / Night
M.A.P(Breakfast+Lunch or Dinner): ₹11000 + Taxes / Night
A.P(All Meals): ₹12200 + Taxes / Night

GST as per govt. applicable

The lovely ambience of our Premium Plus Cottage is highly appriciatable. An ideal choice for the discerning business traveler. Premium Plus Cottage rooms offer luxurious accommodation with extended premium benefits and services. We understand that a true family break is one in which you can freely spend time with your friends. Join us and discover simple pleasures and utter relaxation. Above all the location offers a pollution free environment. Feel a comfortable feeling when you walk into our Premium Plus Cottage. Our Premium Plus Cottage, a worth having experience. You can feel peaceful environment here.

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